faculty experts: Health & Medicine

portrait of Nelly Adel

nelly adel, pharmd, bcop, bcps

areas of expertise

chemotherapeutic treatment, medication management, dangerous drug interactions, hematologic malignancies, bone marrow transplants, gi malignancies and breast cancer.

photo of Robert W. Amler

robert w. amler, m.d., mba

areas of expertise

health policy and management, emergency and disaster medicine, disease control and prevention, children’s environmental health

image of Paramita Basu

paramita basu, ph.d., m.s.

areas of expertise

pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences

Nathalie Bergeron portrait

nathalie bergeron, ph.d.

areas of expertise


image of Doris Bucher

doris j. bucher, ph.d.

areas of expertise

vaccination, healthy living/disease prevention, infectious disease

image of Mitchell Cairo

mitchell s. cairo, m.d.

areas of expertise

pediatrics, genetics, stem cell biology

Brian Chiswell

brian chiswell, ph.d.

deputy chair

assistant professor, biology

areas of expertise

biochemistry, structural biology, stem cells, cancer and science education

image of Kathleen DiCaprio

kathleen dicaprio, ph.d.

areas of expertise

infectious diseases, public health, ebola

allen j. dozor, m.d.

areas of expertise

pediatrics, infectious disease, healthy living/disease prevention

image of Mary Flanagan

mary flanagan, m.s., pa-c

co-chair, physician assistant programs
chair of assessment and remediation, physician assistant bay shore

areas of expertise

primary care, influenza, infectious disease, vaccination

image of Edward C. Halperin

edward c. halperin, m.d., m.a.

areas of expertise

pediatrics, history of medicine, medical ethics, organ transplantation, discrimination in higher education

jennifer hofmann

jennifer hofmann

adjunct professor, physician assistant bay shore

areas of expertise

clinical pharmacology including drug therapy for prevention and treatement of human diseases

photo of Stephen Jones

stephen c. jones, ph.d.

areas of expertise

vaccination, immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune diseases, gerontology

Alan Kadish

alan kadish, m.d.

areas of expertise

higher education, education policy, jewish community, health and medicine, healthcare policy

image of Zvi Loewy

zvi loewy, ph.d.

areas of expertise

dna testing, consumer healthcare products, medicine and jewish law

photo of John Loike

john loike, ph.d.

areas of expertise

bioethics, jewish medical ethics

alison mccormick, ph.d.

areas of expertise

vaccines and preclinical testing

michael j. reilly, dr.p.h., mph, nremt-p, cem

areas of expertise

healthy living/disease prevention, infectious disease, public safety, disaster and public health preparedness

image of Batoul Senhaji-Tomza

batoul senhaji-tomza, pharm.d., mph

areas of expertise

patient safety/medication safety contact

image of Harold Sirota

harold sirota, do, facofp

areas of expertise

nutrition, healthy living/disease prevention, depression