faculty experts: dentistry

photo of Howard Israel

howard israel, d.d.s.

clinical professor of dental medicine

areas of expertise

diagnosis and management of tmj; orofacial pain disorders

photo of Barry Musikant

barry musikant, dmd

director of endodontics

clinical professor

areas of expertise

endodontics: dental trauma and root canals

photo of Ronnie Myers

ronnie myers, dds


professor of dental medicine

areas of expertise

pediatric dentistry; academic dentistry; infection prevention in dentistry; systemic disease and oral health

image of Jay Rubin

jay rubin, dmd

assistant professor of dentistry and director of implant dentistry, periodontics

areas of expertise

periodontics: dental implantology, gum disease, gingivitis, scaling, roof surface debridement, root planning

Aaron Yancoskie

aaron yancoskie, dds

director of oral medicine

associate professor of dental medicine, oral pathology

areas of expertise

oral and maxillofacial pathology, non-dental oral disease, dental treatment of patients in underserved rural communities